We're launching into the remodel of our new Clad Home store space, so a good chunk of my weekend was spent figuring out exactly what changes I want to make there.

I plan on keeping the showroom fairly raw and unadorned to begin with as I figure out just how to layer in all the furniture, art, and decor.  This is my first rodeo and I'm sure it will be a major learning experience.  Designing a home with normal scale rooms is one thing; figuring out how to fill a big showroom in a way that's visually interesting and dynamic is quite another!

Luckily we have very good basic elements to work with: raw concrete floors, high ceilings (probably 15'), and big glass storefront windows.  

The spaces that really need some remodeling love are the tiny bathroom and the semi-separate back office.  So here's the plan:  

The bathroom will get a classic black-and-white makeover in keeping with the 1930s vintage of the building. 

Since the tiny bathroom has no sink, we'll be installing one just outside the bathroom.  That means the sink will be hanging out on the wall basically in the middle of the back office, so I don't want it looking too "bathroom-y" or "kitchen-y," you know?  I want it to look kind of cool and an awesome version of a utility sink that you might find in the back room of a warehouse or something.

I'm really inspired by this sink image that I used in a bathroom post I wrote awhile back, so I'm planning to have my metal worker make something like it.

I hit up the Ikea Ranarp collection for a pendant light to hang above the utility sink, as well as some industrial vibe wall sconces to line the wall above where a long desk will go.  They're not only great-looking, but $20 a pop is very painless when the expenses are piling up!

Back office design plan: 

Other than that, the entire 1500 square foot space will get a fresh coat of white paint of course, which is going to make a world of difference.  Currently we have bad wall stripes painted in metallic copper and silver, and don't even ask me what's on the ceiling.  It's all left over from a funky vintage clothing store that was here before me.  Why they stapled a bunch of polyester fabric to the ceiling and sprinkled fake black rose petals into it is beyond me...

I debated about whether to even show you any of these "before" pics because you will think I'm an absolute madwoman.  But here they are, in all their weird, fabric-stapled-to-every-surface glory.  I have no explanation for what was going on here.  None.

The dressing rooms will be enclosed and turned into one big storage closet, and the passage leading to the showroom will get a full height wall with a french door and transom window in order to share the natural light throughout the space (I wrote about my obsession with transom windows here.)  Trimmed in black, naturally.  I can't get enough of black trim against bright white walls.

Can you make out the big, gorgeous vintage steel window shrouded in yet more hideous fabric?


I have big plans to restore this baby with some elbow grease and black paint.

Because it could eventually look a lot like this ...

The bathroom is truly, hideously awful.  But not for long people, not for long.

And because I cannot leave you with a scuzzy toilet photo as my parting shot, here's the bathroom mood board again.  This is where we'll be with it soon!

That's my vision for the renovation.  I can't tell you how exciting this all is and how psyched I am to get started!  



Laura J said...

Wow, Rosa girl -- you've got VISION, I'll say that for you! Now prove me right and get to work! So excited for you . . . . .

Kathryn said...

I read all your copy before the pictures loaded and your writing made me laugh and laugh and laugh out loud! Fun, and more power to you!


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