Hello again!  Happy to report that I'm back from my little birthday trip to Baja feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to go another round :)  While the pace of life in Todos Santos is luxureously slow and languid, the pace of life here in LA is decidedly not.  So I've hit the ground running, what with the store renovation happening right now as we speak, and some exciting client projects underway too!
I'll share a few vacation pics soon, I promise, but today I'm passing along one of my favorite art buying tips, plus a 40% off discount code that ends today, so don't miss out!
One of the most important aspects of design is also one of the most expensive and daunting.  Wall art.  It can make or break a room, and when you're on a budget it's no small feat to find stuff you truly love at a price you can actually afford.  

Which is why I'm a longtime lover of old museum art prints.  I'll often pick them up in thrift stores for just a few bucks, the more obscure the museum or artist, the better.  Printed in French or German or Dutch?  Even better.  I love the intellectual European salon quality they bring to a space (does it make me a pseudo-intellectual if I'm only in it for the pretty factor?  Say no :)
What's more, these types of prints are always on ebay (search keywords "museum art poster" or "vintage museum poster") and are even sold new at incredibly affordable prices.
Henri Matisse is particularly easy to hang on your wall.  His simple compositions have such an appealing graphic quality to them, and the bright and clear color combinations make them winners amidst almost any decor.

(posters via)

Check out these inspiration rooms that each feature colorful, bold wall art as their centerpiece...

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The following are just a few of the big selection of Matisse prints available on for $25-$200.  Right now there's a 40% off everything sale with the coupon code FKD773 (and don't fret if you miss it because they run these sales often.)
(all prints available here.)


This should really be just part of an ongoing art series where I bring you ideas and inspiration for affordable wall art of all types.  I'll try to keep this up, because it's a dilemma I'm constantly having to face, so I'm sure that many of you are too. 

In the DIY realm I've already shared some DIY abstract line art, an Alexander Calder copy, all the DIY wall art I made for my One Room Challenge space, and tipped you off to another of my favorite tricks, enlarging giant photos.

Enjoy the weekend!


NS said...

MIND READER, Rosa!! i was looking around for ideas for my furnished but art deprived living room. Thanks for this excellent post. I now know what my weekend will be spent on..

Anonymous said...

very helpful as always. Thanks.


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