I love pretty Easter eggs.  We had chickens all through my childhood which made for a thrilling little daily treasure hunt each time we went out to the coop to check for fresh eggs.  Different varieties of hens laid different colored eggs and it was always exciting to find the rare blue and green hued ones. 

Beni and I colored eggs for the first time last year and he loved it.  (How sweet are his long baby curls!?) 
He's been talking about it pretty much ever since, so this weekend I finally figured we were close enough to go for it.  He had a little friend over and they were so proud of their handiwork!
I forgot to get white eggs rather than the organic brown ones I always buy.  The kids didn't mind the more muted colors we got from them, but in case you find yourself in the same predicament, look how pretty these natural brown eggs are with a bit of white embellishment.
(all photos via here)

I love these subtle ombre eggs too ...

To make them you just need a few different dyebaths of varying strengths, and then you can also play around with how long you let the eggs soak.  Happy Spring!



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