I know I'm posting really sporadically right now, but it's ONLY because I'm so under the gun to get the Clad Home store open to the public.  Thanks for understanding, and just know that I'll be back in action here soon.  For now though, here's an update: 

We're moved into the new space now and it's functioning as our office (or at least it will be today after we get our desk and chairs delivered.)  We've begun to receive shipments of furniture and decor, but I know that I really don't want open up shop or have any type of grand opening until I have the whole space just how I like it, and it's not there yet!

I've been sourcing like crazy all the things I need to bring into the store to make it a layered, collected, awesome shopping experience. The whole decision to open a store came about so quickly that I was definitely not up to speed with all of the wholesale resources that it takes to stock a store like this.  That's my call out to all you artisans, painters, makers of beautiful things out there, especially California-based, who think you might have something cool for the store.  I'm especially looking for painters because I have a lot of wall space to fill!

Speaking of wall art, here are some awesome art posters I've been buying, similar to those in the Matisse post I recently did about collecting art museum and gallery show posters.  They're all around $10-$50 depending on the size you choose, and I think they all have just the right mix of colorful graphics with an artsy foreign vibe to be a really interesting addition to any gallery wall.  And let me tell you, $50 for

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
The Chief in the headdress reminds me a lot of these prints that Domino sells by artist Jenna Snyder-Phillips ...

 Can't you see any of those prints looking great in a gallery wall mix like this?

(all photos via)

In other news, we finally shot the Little Tokyo Loft project this past weekend, and I must say it's one of my favorite projects to date!  Can't wait to share the pics...just need to get it published first :)




Kathy said...

i LOVE the "TV cabinet" from the room with the snorkeler!!

Sharon de Jager said...

I keep checking in periodically to see whether your store is open.Can't wait for you to share photos! Love the art posters you've chosen as well.

wall26 said...

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