With all the excitement (and massively daunting "to do list") of opening a brick and mortar storefront here in LA, I haven't yet had much chance to share with you the whole scoop behind our line of upholstery that just launched through the new Clad Home website.

Basically the back story in a nutshell is that we've been designing and manufacturing bespoke custom upholstered furniture for our own design clientele here in LA for almost 10 years now.

If you've browsed our design portfolio our furniture is all over every project ...

About a year ago we decided to put together an upholstery collection that would offer the same design flexibility and high quality that our local customers get to experience with us, and still be affordable, and be available to ship at a reasonable rate nationwide.  Those were the three biggies for us, and I couldn't believe that there was really no retailer that was offering really great furniture that met all three of these requirements.

Generally the smaller retailers like me either had nice stuff but very limited fabric and style choices, OR they were just ultra expensive and out of reach for most of us.  Same story with the big box stores: the more affordable stuff is really limited and of questionable quality, and the nicer stuff is just really pricey (not to mention that fact that it's pretty much all made in developing countries with dodgy labor laws that ignore basic human rights and environmental standards.)

So our whole approach is pretty different from anything else out there.  Our ethos could be summed up as "Design for the people," because we're basically insisting that everyone should have access to really well-designed, distinctive furniture at genuinely accessible prices.  When we set our price points we paid a lot of attention to what your options are out there, compared pricing across the board and across the industry, and made sure that we came in significantly lower.  I'll be honest that this means a lower profit margin for us which is not exactly standard recommended business practice, but we're hoping that what we sacrifice in mark-ups we will gain back in sales volume as the word spreads about what we're trying to do here!

If you haven't checked out how our site works yet, here's a little run through.  Each piece of furniture has a menu that allows you to select your perfect preferred dimensions, down to the last inch.

Next up: design the look and feel of your cushions.  I can't tell you how many times people come to me asking for a sofa they've seen somewhere that they loved, but they just want a single seat cushion instead of two or three, or an integrated back in lieu of loose cushions.  So we allow you to chose ANY cushion layout you want, and it doesn't affect your price at all.  Premium high resiliancy foam comes standard, and cushier down feather and Trillium (a great down-alternative that feels like down or even better) are available as upgrades.

On our sectionals you get to choose between the chaise on the left, right, or (and this is the kicker) a reversible chaise that attaches with hidden clips to either end of the sofa.  We want you to have the freedom to rearrange your furniture at will or switch it up in your next place!

We have a huge fabric menu of all our tried and true favorites that stand up to kids, pets, and life in general.  We'll send you free swatches, and you can even use your own fabric at no extra charge. 

Of course you get to pick your wood finish, but you can also show us any style of legs or base you fancy and we won't overcharge you to make it happen.  Most leg styles are included in the sofa price.  But if you want to get fancy we can do that too.
And lastly, quality control is the name of our game.  Each piece is handcrafted in Los Angeles so we keep our carbon footprint small, plus our upholstery is never treated with flame retardant chemicals.

We're in the process of adding much more to our collection, expanding on the upholstery, and adding fine custom carpentry, pillows, and accessories.  As you probably know, my own design aesthetic spans a really varied and eclectic range of styles, which I'm aiming to represent with the Clad Home collection as well.  We'll offer everything from great mid-century styles to updated twists on timeless classics.  So expect good things as we continue to grow our selection!   And in the meantime just know that if you would like to order something you don't see on the site yet, or you have a custom piece in mind, shoot us an email at and we'll help you out. 


Kelsey said...

I am obsessed with the Desmond sofa. Once we find a new place, this might be the first new purchase.

Carolyn said...

I adore the streamlined chesterfield that you used in your sister's apartment! Will it be included in your collection at some point?

Kay said...

I hope you will consider offering products that are flame retardant-free. 100% latex foam would also be great. Those are the 2 sticking points that keep the environmentally-minded among us from buying new sofas. I see a big business opportunity there!

Rosa said...

So glad you like it Kelsey! We'll be happy to help you with your order whenever you are ready :)

Rosa said...

Yes absolutely! It's just a matter of bit by bit getting each of our designs properly photographed for the website. But you can ALWAYS order that sofa or any other style at any time! We are happy to help you put together an order for anything that's not yet pictured on the site. Thanks for asking!

Rosa said...

Hi Kay,

Well the good news is that none of our fabrics are treated with flame retardants. We use only fabrics from local suppliers and we're really happy to be able to avoid the usual toxic flame retardant chemicals in our milling process! Totally agree with you there.

We are able to (and have upon request in the past) made our sofas using pure latex foam. It's obviously a bit pricier then standard foam, but it's an option! Write us at for more information.

Karhy said...

What a great posting, with such solidly good news to boot! SO welcome, after we've all been missing your frequent blog posts lately. Thanks for the good work!

Rosa said...

Thank YOU for following my endeavors! None of this goes anywhere without you all!

Sharon de Jager said...

Oh I do love your new sofa collection as I said before and wish you all the best. It's hard to find good quality and great prices in one product and I do think you've hit the nail on the head with your product line. Can't wait to see photos of the Clad Home store.

emily said...

just what the world needed! I will definitely be using you for clients...and hopefully myself!

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