I have a bit of news that's exciting enough to post on a Saturday morning :)  We got a write-up in today's LA Times Home & Garden section!

After the past few months of such long days and hard work getting my new showroom up and running, I must confess that it feels VERY good to see this:

The article, by LA Times journalist Jessica Ritz, chronicles the wide variety of unique goods to be found in and around our little pocket of East Hollywood at Melrose and Heliotrope (known by locals as Hel-Mel.)  It really is a great little spot we've landed, with the divinely delicious Scoops gelato shop just across the way, and locavore foodie haven Sqirl right around the corner.

It's been a work in progress, but I'm so happy to report that the store has evolved over the past month into a place where people walk in and their eyes light up.  It's a place I would want to shop, which is a pretty good bar to set!

Thanks for letting me share my happy news with you :)  Now to plan and get ready for that grand opening party ... I'm thinking late July, in the peak of the summer fun.  Keep you posted!



Katie said...

It's amazing — it's stunning! So glad this is working out for you — & and for that fair city! The shop & catalog look great and we do miss the blog — probably a good thing, in the realm of fond hearts & absences. Looking forward to more!

Rosa said...

Thank you Katie, I so appreciate your support and enthusiasm! And I look forward to getting back to blogging again too. The store gobbled up all my time and attention for the past few months, but the good news is that I have so many design projects underway that I'll have a ton of cool material to share as soon as I can get back to writing!



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