I've been taking this holiday weekend very literally and laboring nonstop to catch up on a bunch of design projects.  I worked all day Sat and Sun and tomorrow I'm finally gonna knock off and head to the beach with my little guy because the water is pretty much at it's warmest temp of the year, and Benicio has recently discovered the thrills of boogie boarding!  In about 10" of water but still, when you're a shorty that's something, and he gets SO excited about his little whitewater rides and wipeouts :)  Cutest. Thing. Ever.
So I thought I'd share these art moodboards that we presented to a client recently.  Remember our Beachwood Canyon project, the slightly coastal, Americana vibe house design with lots of blue and white that I shared with you here?

We came up with 3 different directions for wall art that our client  got to choose between.  We called them "East Coast Traditional,"  "Organic Modern Abstract," and "Traveled & Eclectic." (I think I overuse the term "organic modern"... I say it all the time!  Gotta come up with some new descriptions I guess.)
If anything catches your eye, most of these pieces of art are actually shopable and can be found on the project pinterest board.

The "East Coast Traditional" collection included botanical prints, Audubon images, nature paintings, and some chinoiserie art:

The "Organic Modern Abstract" board was a bunch of abstract art (duh) and some museum fine art prints (which is a trick I love to use when building an interesting but affordable art collection. See my tips here and here):

And the "Traveled & Eclectic" moodboard had some really beautiful Moroccan tile photography and vintage 1930s travel advertising posters:
(art sources compiled here)
Just as I suspected my client picked the "East Coast Traditional" moodboard (with just a dash of "Traveled & Eclectic) because it's where she's from and it makes her happy to have it around.  Which is really art's only requirement in my book, by the way ... it should make you happy!  It needn't be expensive or coveted and sought after by anyone else.  At the end of the day if you walk by it and it lifts you up, success!



Katie said...

I love your vibe! You make me smile. Well done!

Robert F. Crocker said...

I love your vibe! You make me smile. Well done! woman silhouette wall decals

Leslie Lim said...

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.



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