Recently I gave you the behind-the-scenes scoop on the Homepolish tour of a luxe master bath remodel we did.  

Part 2 of that project was actually a second, smaller bath that was connected to the master, which never made much sense in the scheme of things.  Why have 2 full baths connected by a doorway?  No need.  So we walled over the door between the two rooms and gave bath #2 a distinct personality all it's own.


It started off feeling SO small and dark and cramped.  The walled-off shower blocked all sight lines and broke up the whole space.  The vanity was oddly long for a single sink.  And obviously the pink tile and retro cabinets were original to the 1930s home.

This room had no windows or natural light so we opted for lots of bright white tile anchored by charcoal floors and matte black hardware.  Rubbed brass accents and the warm wood tone of the custom walnut vanity warm the palette.  

Whenever I'm working with a windowless space I try, if at all possible, to steal some light from adjacent rooms.  In this case we changed out the solid wood panel in the bathroom door for an opaque glass panel that lets light in from the adjoining bright office.  (In a different project we employed my fave trick of adding transom windows above the door, the perfect fix for windowless rooms or for letting some light spill into dark corridors.)    

My favorite part of this space is the way the styling brought it to life. The bathroom is currently the domain of the homeowner's teenage son, so we ran with the vibe of a gentleman's bath.

Here it is pre-styling.  Still a nice crisp look ...

But not nearly as interesting as after some stylish and masculine apothecary-style accessories.  Loving this look ...


We lucked out because it just so happens that our friend Alfredo is co-creator of Brooklyn Grooming, a line of men's grooming products (I think they now make stuff for women too thank God) that places as much emphasis on the artistry of the packaging as it does on the quality of the artisanal ingredients. Alfredo hooked us up and his goodies literally upped our game in this bathroom by about 1000%.

via Brooklyn Grooming 
via Brooklyn Grooming 
via Brooklyn Grooming
Alfredo hand draws the beautifully designed labels and believe me, this is countertop 
clutter you can feel good about.  I'm thinking father's day, you guys!

via Brooklyn Grooming
Just like in the master bath, the floor tile is a matte finish, dark grey concrete tile from Arto Brick, but this time in a more masculine linear geometric pattern than the curvy scallop shape we used next door

And that's a wrap on this double bathroom remodel.  If you like seeing these bathroom transformations, our current Homepolish #altadenaspanishmodern project includes entire overhauls of no fewer than 4 bathrooms in one house, so stay tuned!

Floor Tile: Arto Brick
Vanity: Custom
Towel RingRejuvenation
Accessories & Grooming Products: Brooklyn Grooming
Black & White Print: Marc Royce
Vanity Sconce: Restoration Hardware


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Looks amazing! I love the pattern you did on the tile behind sink.

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I am absolutely obsessed with this bathroom. It is exactly what I want - I wish I could get the same vanity.

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Absolutely stunning! I love the transformation. I'm sure they are thrilled with their new master bath retreat. GORGEOUS. Thanks for sharing Bathroom Design Ideas with us.

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