Woohoo!  One of our favorite designers Emily Henderson just included a bunch of Clad Home designs in a round-up of her favorite sleeper sofas.  

You've probably already caught on to the fact that at Clad Home we happily work with you to fully customize your furniture to your exact specifications (like, down to the last inch.)  

We carry a constantly-growing collection of Clad Home designs on our website available for nationwide shipping, and we can also make your dream sofa, even if it's not one of ours.  Just send us a photo for a price quote!

Here's how it works with sleeper sofas:

You can add a pull-out bed (full or queen size) to any sofa or sectional, and we won't price gauge you for it either.  That's because we take our slogan #designforthepeople to heart, and we're serious about providing everyone with fine custom furniture at accessible, people-friendly prices.

With that in mind, we'll outfit your sofa with a traditional spring mattress pull-out for +$500, or a super comfy memory foam mattress pull-out for +$700. 

(Incidentally, I've have plenty of guests sleep on my memory foam Clad Home sleeper sofa, as well as having tried it out myself, and I can honestly say it's far comfier than those horrible sleeper sofas of the past where you always seemed to have a bar in your back.) 

Emily's top Clad Home picks are our MelroseRodney, and Whittier sofas:

MELROSE from $1020 

                                                        RODNEY from $1325 

                                              WHITTIER from $1020

The last thing to keep in mind is that in order to hide the sleeper mechanism a sofa's feet must be only 1"-2" tall max, because the sofa frame beneath the seat cushion should be a minimum of 10" tall.  Which means the style of feet may have to change a bit, but since we hand-draw each and every Clad Home order, you'll get to see a sketch of your sofa and approve the look of it before it goes into production.  We'll help you to get the look and style of your piece just right!

We're happy to report that sleeper sofas no longer have to be ugly OR uncomfortable!



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