So the first design assistant I hired when I came back to work after pregnancy and maternity leave 5 years ago was this cool girl named Melanie Burstin, a young actress and comedienne from NYC who'd been running an art gallery in Beverly Hills and really wanted to transition into the world of interior design.  She made the bold and gutsy move of cold calling (actually I think it was an email I received) a bunch of interior designers around town whose worked she loved.  Her ambition and fearlessness paid off, we met for coffee one day, and the rest is history! 
Mel spent a few years learning the ropes at RBD, and quickly became completely essential as we grew the business exponentially when we transitioned from a small, tucked away design studio in Silverlake to our flagship store Clad Home on Melrose Ave in East Hollywood.  I could NOT have done all of that without Mel, no way no how.

So it was exciting for all of us when Mel's next career step after RBD was straight into a job with superstar designer Emily Henderson.  Pretty cool, right? Total follow-your-dreams success story.

Now Melanie is an EHD and Homepolish designer and her own stylish apartment is about to be featured in the Makeover Takeover series on the EHD blog.  We're psyched because of course Mel remains loyal to our line of Clad Home custom furnishing for all her projects, and we love to see her work her magic with our stuff!   
Here's the mood board for her newly re-designed living room (hey what's up with that super unique and different wood frame sofa?  A Clad Home original, ya'll!)
A couple of other gorgeous Melanie Burstin-designed spaces showcasing Clad Home sofas...

Follow along with Melanie's Makeover Takeover here!  (We'll post the progress updates as they unfold.) 


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