Over the past year we've been hard at work on our #rbdsilverlakemodern project for a stylish bachelor in the Silverlake Hills. The house was a new contemporary build when he moved in and like most contractor spec houses it needed a bit of personalizing.  We took the builder grade master bath from blah to BLUE (sneak peek down below) and did a bit more reconfiguring and remodeling in the kitchen and dining room before we got down to the decorating.  

For the bedding, we wanted some deep indigos and charcoals for a masculine vibe, which we knew had to be paired with some lighter stone and off white/greys for contrast or the whole thing would skew too dark.  The other important factory to keep it from feeling heavy with texture, texture, texture.  Here are some inspiration bedrooms and the finds that topped our shopping list.

My Domain

Emily Henderson

Amber Lewis

We bought and really love these linen sheets in the perfect Indigo chambray duvet by Cultiver (sheet set below.) They're perfection. (TIP: CB2 has a budget version.) 

(This duvet I have in my own bedroom)




 And as promised here's a little master bath sneak peek ... this navy blue tile runs floor to ceiling and the transformation was dramatic, I promise you that :) 



Marie - Velvet Jungle Interiors said...

Oooof ! That Navy Linen Duvet made my heart skip a beat. Sooo beautiful...
Great round up :)

bí kíp đàn ông việt nam said...

they're all soooooo beautiful. mesmerizing, with the cozy vibe all over the air. so in love ><
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Anonymous said...

Sweet Dreams!

hallsarah204@gmail.com said...

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Rob Mcdermott said...

If I was given these options, I would have never been able to make a final decision, probably I would have wanted all of them, trying each of them for couple of months. They all are mindbogglingly beautiful.

http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/category/popular-topics/page/4 said...

very interesting bedroom design in blue tones. I like that you have the same progressive look

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tips resume said...

The contrasting shades and patterns have become the main focus of the design. The updated bedroom interior contributes to the creating a comfortable environment.

thammyvip said...

very great room
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bigessaywriter.com/blog/netflix-punisher-season-one-is-coming-are-you-ready said...

The adding of some elements to the overall design was an excellent opportunity to improve the environment. The interior looks more comfortable thanks to this.

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