We've got a pretty exciting announcement!  Well, a few of them actually.  If you follow RBD on Instagram then you're in the know that a couple of months ago I bought a fixer upper in Silverlake and have launched into a full scale remodel (IG hashtag #rbdmulberryhouse.)  

I named my home Mulberry House because of the beautiful giant old white mulberry tree that dominates the back yard and provides lovely shade from the California sun.  I'll write another post another day showing you all the before photos and how wild and let go the entire property was when I found it.  Also you guys ... the whirlwind of emotions that came along with buying a house for my son and I, all on my own, after a divorce and the slow ensuing process of rebuilding my life and career in the aftermath!

But back to this announcement.  So simultaneously as the house purchase was happening I had a client project get published in the August issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine (eek!), and in becoming friends with my lovely editor over there, we hatched the idea of partnering RBD with BH&G to cover the remodel of my own house!

So here's the word:  Better Homes & Gardens magazine will be following and documenting my entire renovation from start to finish (they've already begun), to be published in BH&G magazine next Spring (dear Lord please let us be all done by then) as a multi-part series of articles about how an interior designer renovates her own home step-by-painstaking-step.

Here's the idea ... and all the moodboards I made for BH&G when I was pitching the project.  The home is a 1930s Craftsman bungalow and I of course want to honor the vintage home vibes. So my design direction will be "modern farmhouse," with all the modern amenities but also lots of rustic materials that look like they might've been there for 80 years, even though the house is literally stripped down to the studs right now and every single finish will actually be brand new.  I don't want it to look brand new ... I want it to look and feel perfectly aged and comfy and worn-in and like a family home that has known years and years of love, because that's how we intend to live in it :)

Much, MUCH more to come as this project progresses.  We're at the very beginning.  Can't wait to bring you along for the ride!



Patricia said...

This is going to be wonderful! Will you reveal the progress room by room or task by task? Way to up the ante by not only blogging about a massive home renovation but having it in BHG as it happens.

I love your mood inspiration photos. Do you have a dedicated pinterest board just for the Mulberry house?

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