Dipped furniture is a  quirky little DIY project that doesn't require much effort and adds a design touch that's unexpected and a little offbeat.  I love that it can be interpreted in so many different ways...

Dipped chair

diy dipped yellow chair

dipped bentwood chairs

dip dye

Dipped in neon...
Holy Stool Medium Neon Yellow furniture, ottomans, neon yellow
I have the same stools..

Reverse dipped...

love the dipped effect on the legs of the chairs, perfection

West Elm (no longer available)
Cool dipped chair legs


Paint Dipped Furniture. Panton S Chair. Farmhouse table

Baby dips in...


dipped vintage highchair

Paint-dipped white chairs - cute for a kiddo's room

Not just for legs...

modernize a traditional chair with a dipped paint treatment - not just for chair legs
Branca-Lisboa - Furniture by Marco Sousa Santos » Yanko Design
I've played around with dipped furniture on a few projects so far and I've liked the result every time.   I tend to think it looks best done on round legs versus squared-off legs...and even better if they're tapered legs.  Here's my entry key table that I quickly taped off one day and sprayed with a bit of gold...I think it makes for a much more interesting little piece than it was before.


And on this lacquer and ikat chair that I transformed from a $30 Rosa Bowl flea market find, the dipped feet actually look like real brass sabots (the technical term for the metal cap detail on furniture legs.) 

(Here's the "before," just for kicks)

In a current project I'm at work on we have plans to paint the kitchen counter stools in a bright pop of color that will animate an otherwise all white (gorgeous) kitchen, and then just "dip" the feet of the nearby kitchen chairs in the same accent color to tie the two seating areas together.

It will be a modern twist on a classic because the counter stools are in a the classic bentwood Thonet style...

And the kitchen chairs are classic Windsor style...

Craigs list chairs - Dipped Chair

I'll post pics of the new kitchen space once all the seating has been dipped!


Unknown said...

Nice collection and great work in Dipped furniture. thank you for the sharing!!

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Anonymous said...

Dipped Furniture really looks different from any other home furniture. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Dipped Furniture really looks different from any other home furniture. Cool!

Unknown said...

How do you dip furniture? I want to dip my dining chairs.

Skullatio said...

Great idea! I've been hunting for brass sabots or ferrules for a mid-century coffee table restoration and there are either outrageous MOQ's or they cost as much as buying new legs. I think I will be painting them instead! said...

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